Pathfinders Winter Institute 2020 PD

This CSAwesome PD will be at Pathfinders Winter Institute 2020 at the University of Rhode Island in Providence, RI from February 16-20, 2020. The professional development is 60 hours total. The first 3 days will be on site with the remaining hours completed online over the following 7 weeks (~5 hours/week). Follow up support during the 2020-21 academic year is also included, led by the PD facilitator.

PD Goals:

Teachers attending the CS Awesome Pathfinders professional development immersion experience will:

  • learn to use the CS Awesome student curriculum and teacher materials to teach College Board's AP Computer Science A (Java) course
  • be part of a professional learning community, supported by a master teacher experienced with CS Awesome
  • receive academic year support from a master teacher and through an online discussion forum

Coming Soon: Meet Your Master Teachers

Course Information

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