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Hearing, Case testimony of Dr. Bart Baca:

  • 2016 SC Coastal Conservation League vs Horry County Public Works and SC Department of Health and Environmental Control. Dr. Baca tested on behalf of the County and State against local opposition to a public highway. Petitioners were against important highway project and used environmental excuses (e.g., black bears). Project was ultimately approved.

  • 2008-2009 Nigeria Oil Spill, Town of Bodo vs Shell Oil Company. Dr. Baca represented the Town of Bodo in a suit against Royal Dutch Shell for major oil spill damages. Resulted in $68.62 million settlement to the town. Shell also paid $83.5 Million to fishermen and farmers for restoration. Dr. Baca provided field studies, reports, and testimony which aided in the success of the case.

  • 2004 Ashley Glen development, Administrative hearing, Pasco County, Florida. Dr. Baca testified on behalf of Dr. Octavio Blanco, petitioner and the State of Florida. Resulted in compromise between petitioner and agencies.

  • 2002 Padrone Seagrass Damage Case, Monroe County Circuit Court. Dr. Baca testified that most scars were not from the charged vessel, and damages were reduced.

  • Dr. Baca testified for Defendant in mediation of case concerning seagrass damage. Charges were brought by National Park Service and NOAA and were overturned through Baca’s testimony.

  • 1999 Great Lakes Dredging Case, US District Court, SF District, Key West. Dr. Baca gave expert testimony concerning seagrass damage. Charges brought by National Park Service and NOAA, fines were reduced.

  • 1998 Flynn Dock Case, Division of Administrative Hearings, Baca testified on behalf of permit applicant for sovereign submerged lands authorization and permit for large docking facility. FDEP and Broward County DEP recommended denial, Dr. Baca testified concerning proposed mitigation.

  • 1989 Debidue Dredging Case, South Carolina State Court of Administrative Appeals, Baca testified on behalf of permit applicant for maintenance dredging of canals.

  • 1989-1991, Exxon Valdez oil spill, Assessment (aerial and ground) of the cleanup operations performed by Exxon on the Alaska oil spill, Valdez to Kodiak, Alaska. Baca worked for and testified in hearings on behalf of Wilderness Society and Chugach Native Indian Organization (two contracts).

  • 1985 Amoco Oil Spill, US District Court, Chicago, Dr. Baca testified on behalf of US in case concerning marsh damages from Amoco Cadiz oil spill. His testimony aided in denial of French charges.

  • 1982 Cap't Sam's Inlet Case, South Carolina State Court of Administrative Appeals, Baca Testified on behalf of Kiawah Island's application to dredge a new inlet. Permit was approved and inlet was built and successfully maintained for over 35 years (through present).