Artificial Intelligence | Harvard University | Fall 2022

This edition of the course is over; lectures are accessible via the course schedule.

Time and location: MW 12:45-2:00 at SEC 1.321

Instructors: Stephanie Gil ( and Ariel Procaccia (

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already making a powerful impact on modern technology, and is expected to be even more transformative in the near future. The course introduces the ideas and techniques underlying this exciting field, with the goal of teaching students to identify effective representations and approaches for a wide variety of computational tasks. Topics covered in this course are broadly divided into search and planning, optimization and games, and uncertainty and learning. Special attention is given to ethical considerations in AI and to applications that benefit society. For a detailed list of topics see the course schedule.

Prerequisites: Students must have previously taken Statistics 110 (Probability) or an equivalent course. Experience with Python programming and a good understanding of time complexity (including big O notation) are assumed.

Requirements: Grades are based on five problem sets (10% each), attendance (10%), midterm exam (15%), and final exam (25%).

Textbook: Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach (4th ed.), by Russell and Norvig.

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