Scratch Game Design & Programming

Save the Earth

Students are working on a project where there’s a spaceship in the space and it’s protecting the Earth form a meteor shower in Scratch

  • Setting up the game
  • Game objects and components

Maze Game - Experience Electronics

Students completed a maze game with all the elements such as rewards/scoring, conflict, resources and played it with the game controller that they've designed with MaKey MaKey.

3D Modelling & Printing

Circuit Design & Test

Students draw a circuit which has a switch, LED and a 3V battery and turned that circuit into a real flashlight with a switch which makes it easy to use!

LEGO Robotics & Programming

The given task was "Build a transportation vehicle".

The students came up with interesting and creative design ideas to complete the task. They tested the vehicle and they received feedback from me. They then improved their designs to be able to go faster.

Digital Citizenship

Grade 5 students will:

  • Explore digital citizenship and be able to identify what it means to take responsibility for their digital footprint.
  • Learn that many websites ask for information that is private and discuss how to responsibly handle such requests. And students explore how they can use email to communicate with real people within their schools, families, and communities.
  • Reflect their learning by designing a poster to raise awareness on Digital Citizenship.

Electronics Fundamentals

In this unit Grade 3 students will:

  • Understand that energy can be transferred in various ways and between objects.
  • Compare and contrast conductor and in conductor materials.
  • Compare and contrast complete and incomplete circuits.
  • Name the components on a basic circuit.
  • Sketch a circuit and construct it with copper tape, battery and LED on a paper.

Introduction to Algorithm (Unplugged Activity)

Central idea: Coding allows people to break down problems and conceptualize solutions in terms of discrete steps in a procedure.


1) Introduction Worksheet: Grade 3 students was given some problems such as making tea which they should draw the flowchart of its algorithm.

2) STEM Coding for Kids Cup Stacking Algorithms: Students create a cup stacking design and then create an algorithm to build it.

Shopping List on Google Sheets

Central Idea: Economic Activity relies on systems of production, exchange and consumption of goods and services.

Activities in ICT: Shopping List on Google Sheets

Grade 3 students created a spreadsheets for shopping list. They searched prices on - Migros and used =SUM(...) formula to make the calculation.

Differentiation: Some advanced students had been given some tasks such as a budget and customizing the list. They had to subtract the total amount from their budgets. They had to make the list colorful by adding some background colors and so on.

Weather Observation

Central Idea: Weather conditions have an impact on our lives and the environment.

Activities in ICT: Grade 1 put datas they've gathered from outside weather observation on a simulation app called MP Weather. And they create a scene with those datas. Then they took the screenshot of that scene and make a poster with it.