My name is Eda Yavuz, I was born in Turkey and completed my BSc degree in Computer Education and Educational Technology in 2015 and graduated from Marmara University of Istanbul.

I’ve worked as an Educational Technology Specialist in SEV American High School from 2015 to 2017. I worked with teachers to help them integrate technology into the classroom.

Then I started working in MEF International Schools Istanbul as primary ICT Teacher and Ed-tech Coordinator. Currently, I’m teaching ICT from Kindergarten to Grade 5. In these stand-alone lessons, I teach robotics, electronics, and programming to my little ones. I additionally have another period which I co-teach with classroom teachers to help students make the most of technology while they are studying their UOI units or maths or science etc. as IB PYP advises. I’m also interested in the robotics, I’m mentoring a group of high school students on the FIRST Robotics Competition for 2 years. And our team has already won two Finalist Awards.

My Diploma and Diploma Supplement on Computer Education and Instructional Technology

Diploma Supplement.pdf

My Certifications

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