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Delivery starting at:

$6.49 per 5 gallon bottle of Purified Water

$6.99 for Alkaline or Ozonated Water

ICE also available for Delivery!

Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly Deliveries

MINIMUM 3-bottles per Delivery

Tell us what works best for you!

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Residential Customers:

  1. Receive a call or text the day before delivery to assess your needs and remind you to put your bottles out.
  2. If your water consumption is down, you may opt to skip the delivery until the next regularly scheduled date.
  3. If your water consumption seems to have increased, you may also increase your order for the week.

Either way we are here to help you save money and/or meet your needs accordingly!

Water Cooler Rentals available for delivery customers only!

$11 - Hot & Cold combo unit

Convenient billing options for delivery customers

Receive a monthly invoice via email or U.S.P.S.

Provide your American Express, Visa or MasterCard for our files and we will charge your card monthly.

DELIVERY CUSTOMERS -- We can deliver other non-perishable items you may need.

Call or Text your request the day before your delivery!