Crypto Coin

A Google Assistant App

Crypto Coin get you the crypto coin values in INR .

  • What information does this Crypto Coin Action on Google collect ?
          • This app doesn't collect any user information .Also this doesn't require user to login.If user has already logged - in(ex: with Google ID) ,then this information is sent to only and no where else used.
          • App just needs the crypto coin names and nothing else !!!
  • How do you use the information?
          • No user information is used for any purpose .Also the utterances or key words used are not used for any other purposes other than to fetch the coin values.
          • Also we don't required any user related data other than the crypto coin names which are no way related to any person centric data.
          • Crypto coin names are used to get the latest values and dictate the values in Indian Rupees.
  • What information do you share?
          • We never share anything that you provide with any third parties. Never !!!
          • We don't need any of your personal data for processing the crypto coin requests.

Rahul M R