Cryptocurrency Exchange Software offers more returns through trading

Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

Instead of developing a trading platform from scratch by hiring a team of blockchain developers, a cost-effective way to gain a strong foothold in the market has emerged in the form of a ready to use Bitcoin Exchange Software.

The notable features of the Cryptocurrency Exchange Script are

  • Adequate provision of liquidity ensuring smooth processing of orders raised by the crypto buyers and sellers.

  • A real-time price ticker API that notifies the traders if there is any change in the prices of cryptocurrencies.

  • A multi-signature wallet where the users can store their crypto coins and tokens safely.

  • A margin trading facility where traders can increase their returns by taking either short or long positions on their assets.

  • Security measures like anti-DDoS protection, cross-site request forgery protection, server-side request forgery protection, an escrow-based system, jail login, firewall implementation, fingerprint authentication, HTTP parameter pollution protection, end-to-end data encryption, and multi-factor authentication.

  • An admin dashboard to have a real-time view of all the business operations.

  • An inbuilt chat option for smooth communication between the buyers and sellers.

  • Spot KYC/AML verification of the users to ensure a high level of authentication and trust.

  • Integration with numerous payment gateways for faster fund settlement.

  • Acceptance of a wide variety of orders like market, limit, stop-limit, take-profit, and stop-loss orders.

  • An integrated referral program where rewards are distributed to existing users for referring new users to the trading platform.

The detailed procedure followed in the development of a Bitcoin Market Script

  • Identifying the business requirements of the firm.

  • Designing a comprehensive outline of the project.

  • Integrating blockchain technology and the smart contract into the solution.

  • Adding the necessary features and functionalities.

  • Rigorously testing the exchange to remove all the technical bugs.

  • Deploying it on the operational network.

  • Launching it officially in the market.

  • Providing maintenance support and software upgrades post-deployment.

Final Thoughts

With Bitcoin crossing the $49,000 mark recently, the market conditions are highly apt now to purchase a Bitcoin exchange website script and attract attention from prospective investors easily.