Chautauqua Regional Youth Symphony

Membership Responsibilities

  1. Demonstrate commitment to your orchestra by attending regularly and by always being in the rehearsal space no later than 15 minutes before the start of the rehearsal, so that rehearsals can begin promptly without the disruption of latecomers.
  2. All students must notify the Manager if they will be absent. If a student needs to miss a rehearsal, their absence will be classified as either “Excused" or "Unexcused.” Permissible absences are illness, family emergencies, school music responsibilities, and special circumstances with the consent of the Manager.
  3. Membership in a CRYS orchestra is a privilege, earned by meeting the performance standards for each orchestra (Prelude Strings: reading music for at least a year, able to perform at a NYSSMA level I or II; Young Artists Orchestra [YAO]: NYSSMA level III or IV; Chamber String Orchestra: NYSSMA level V or VI) and successful audition for all orchestras. That privilege can be withdrawn for lack of application or poor behavior during rehearsals, concerts, field trips, and any other activity in which the Orchestra is visible and/or audible. Consequences may range from a verbal reprimand to expulsion from the orchestra. All decisions are final. Behavior which may result in dismissal includes, but is not limited to:
  • Excessive absenteeism or excessive tardiness may result in dismissal from the orchestra.
  • Failure to comply with concert dress policy. Prelude Strings and YAO: white tops and black bottoms, black socks & ties (for boys) and shoes. String Chambers Orchestra: Concert Black (boys: long-sleeve black dress shirt, black pants, socks and shoes; girls: black top with sleeves, long black skirt or pants, black shoes).
  • Failure to comply with instruction of the Conductor, Manager, or staff of the rehearsal or performance facility.
  • Physical violence or threats of physical violence.
  • Acts of vandalism or theft from rehearsal or concert facilities or the community at large.
  • Horseplay, rough housing, or acts of disruption during rehearsals, as determined by the Conductor or Manager.
  • Verbal, sexual, or any other form of harassment, intimidation, or inconsiderate or disrespectful behavior toward other persons
  • Use of alcohol, tobacco, or un-prescribed drugs.
  • Use of cell phones is prohibited during rehearsals and may result in its confiscation for the duration of the rehearsal.
  • Failure to pay tuition or other financial obligations.
  1. Rehearsals are not practice – practice your music at home and come to rehearsals knowing the notes.
  2. Bring a pencil to ALL rehearsals.
  3. Lost or damaged music will be replaced at the cost of replacement, and at the expense of the responsible individual.
  4. If the student is being dropped off at rehearsal, their parents should wait until they reach the entrance before leaving. Parents should pick up their children promptly at the end of each rehearsal or make the necessary arrangements to have their children picked up on time.
  5. Unless a payment plan is made, tuition fees are due at the end of the first month. No fees shall be refunded should the student elect to discontinue membership with or be dismissed from the orchestra. While there is no charge for Youth Symphony members for the required Chautauqua Weekend, failure to participate will result in the student being billed for related costs.
  6. For placement and section seating in the orchestra, the student will agree to accept the decision as binding. If selected, the student will accept membership in the orchestra to which they are assigned.
  7. Members should check the CRYS Facebook page weekly for any possible schedule changes, updates, etc.
  8. CRYS’s website is www.CRYouthSymphony.com. It has been developed to inform orchestra members and their parents of general information about the orchestra, rehearsal schedule, concert dates and upcoming events for the orchestra.
  9. Parents should always let their children know where they will be and how they can be reached during rehearsals. Parents must provide an alternative contact name and number in the event the parents cannot be reached during an emergency. Emergency information is to be recorded on the Registration Form to be filled out at the start of the season.

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