Web Links for Learning

This web site is a collection of web links that can be used in the classroom. The tabs above are subject specific.

You will find Project Based Learning ideas as well as actual links to imbed and use with traditional and blended learning teaching.

Top sites for Project Based Learning Ideas

The Buck Institute for Education is a non-profit organization that “creates, gathers, and shares project-based learning (PBL) instructional practices and products and provides effective services to teachers, schools, and districts.” The site includes many free resources and tools, and supports a community of educators interested in PBL-related issues.

Originally started by the National Science Foundation, this site is now an independent resource maintained and funded by Dr. Bonnie Tenenbaum, one of the original creators.

They are an entirely free-to-use resource for the K-12 community, with no payment, registration or e-mail address requirements.

K12IRC.org catalogs over 2,300 web and video resources. Dive in and learn something new. Do a search, check out some suggestions, or scan the Table of Contents.