Here we have the summary of the contest results. This contest has done a few things differently than previous contests, but readers rolled with the changes and things went fairly smoothly. This is the second time we've employed tags and trigger warnings, but the first time they were entirely author-submitted. Some writers chose to refrain from including tags/trigger warnings, and that meant some readers chose to avoid those stories and therefore could not vote on them. Something to think about for next time, perhaps.

This contest broke another record for signups, therefore the two-story entry was not allowed this round. As well, we broke a new record for stories submitted, so everyone who participated can feel proud about having played a part in Size Riot history!

Please enjoy the more comprehensive results breakdown on Aborigen's blog.

Which story hooked you immediately?

First: "Queen of His Lies"

Second: "Out" and "House Crush Family Kill"

Whose main character did you like the best?

First: "Out" and "The Captive"

Third: "Going Dark" "A Queen and Her Pawns," and "Queen of His Lies"

Which story used size differences in an interesting way?

First: "Machina Ex Dea"

Second: "Self Harm" and "Why?"

Fourth: "His Terrible Games"

Which story surprised you with its interpretation of the theme?

First: "Satisfaction"

Second: "His Terrible Games," "Machina Ex Dea," and "A New House"

Which story was the most tense or frightening?

First: "Queen of His Lies"

Second: "Machina Ex Dea"

Third: "House Crush Family Kill"

Which story was the most arousing or sexiest?

First: "Leisure Time"

Second: "The Therapist Will See You Now" and "You Are Not Your Own"

Outside of the genre or theme, which story was the best-rendered?

First: "Queen of His Lies"

Second: "Out"

Third: "Going Dark," "Machina Ex Dea," "Satisfaction," and "Training Wheels"

Which story makes you want to read the writer's other work?

First: "Machina Ex Dea" and "Queen of His Lies"

Third: "House Crush Family Kill"

Which story was the cruelest?

First: "Queen of His Lies"

Second: "You Are Not Your Own"

Third: "Machina Ex Dea"

Fourth: "His Terrible Games" and "Out"