Year Three begins with Cruelty! This was the first first contest theme, and so mote it be every January.

Once again, lovers of cruel-theme stories crack their knuckles, hunch their shoulders, and buckle down to represent. Everyone else digs deep to find the temerity to venture far outside their comfort zones and create a credible work. January's a cruel month indeed, and so we hide in our beds where it's safe and warm, or we gird our loins and plunge into it head-on. Welcome back, Size Riot veterans, and Goddess bless ye newcomers to this arena of trials.

Review the archive for past stories, winners, and evaluation questions.

Cruelty: "A deliberate infliction of pain and suffering." "Indifference to suffering, and even pleasure in inflicting it."

No additional theme or restraints: just a straight-up Cruel #SizeFantasy story, giant/giantess or Tiny.