Welcome Back, Fun-Size Snack

And welcome to the second year of Size Riot! January belongs to Cruelty, from the frigid, biting temperatures to the promise of another miserable year of disaster and disappontment. Yay. But if the OA taught us anything, the way to defeat the cold is to become colder than it, and thus we gather together for CruelJan18.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Don't we already know who's going to win this contest? I think the last year showed us that things can turn around at the very last second, and anyone has a chance, however slim, of rising to the top. Or maybe we're gluttons for punishment. Either way, here we are again, sharpening our knives against each other for the readers' benefit.

And this time, as before, the talented 3D artist GFsm is offering a free render to the victor.

New Here?

Read about the first year of Size Riot writing contests here. To join the contest, notify @SizeRiot or @AborigenGTS on Twitter.

Over the course of January, competing writers will create an original, complete, 2,000-word story. The genre is size fantasy, dealing with tiny people in a normal-sized world or giants and giantesses. Or both, why not! The theme for this contest is Cruelty, so the stories must embody "feelings of extreme heartlessness," "deliberate infliction of pain and suffering," or "the quality of being disposed to inflicting pain and causing tension or annoyance," to crib from several popular dictionaries. The writers will put their personal spin on this theme, interpreting and employing it as they see fit, either playing it straightforward or construing it in a novel way that casts a familiar topic in a new light.

Some people here take great pleasure in cruel-themed writing, and this is their forte. Other writers aren't so disposed but use this opportunity to diversify their skill and develop their writing chops in difficult material. The Size Riot contests are a friendly, low-stakes competition to see what we're capable of, to sharpen ourselves against our peers, and to try something new.

In addition to following the events on Twitter, writers can receive alerts for future contests and events by joining the Size Riot newsletter.