Convergence, Reinclusion & Peace Foundation

Stichting Convergence, Reinclusion & Peace (CRP) Foundation

The foundation has a threefold mission statement to stimulate the following areas:



- To contribute to worldwide cultural cohesion between people.



- To contribute to inclusion of migrants in a society.

- To contribute to organized resettlement from locations of forced displacement to locations with a population shortage;

   especially to underpopulated rural areas.

- To contribute to trauma treatment in this context.



- To contribute to global peacebuilding through the use of cultural convergence in order to increase the mutual understanding between parties.


Current activities of the foundation:



Diagram 1: Convergent or trust based cultural communication view



The foundation is not focused on receiving donations or on project funding, it is looking for cooperation with others in order to exploit synergies. 

If you are interested in such cooperation or want to know more about CRP’s activities, please contact us at: