Respawn belt 50

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  • 50mm width.
  • 12mm PALS webbing.
  • Different buckle options.
  • Polyethylene stiffener inside.

Starts at 90,00€

Basic ITW buckle

Starts at 110,00€

AustriAlpin Cobra buckle

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The Crown Customs Respawn Belt 50 is a two-piece system outer belt with PALS.

The belt is mainly available in green and black or wrapped with (ex. M05, Multicam) via custom order.

It has hook on the inside to attach to an inner belt, such as the 40mm Liner Belt.

Base model features:

  • 50mm wide IR-protected PES (Finn-Nauha) webbing for the base.
  • 12mm wide IR-protected PES (Finn-Nauha) webbing for PALS.
  • Polyethylene stiffener sandwiched between the 50mm webbing.
  • Available mainly with a genuine AustriAlpin Cobra buckle & an ITW Classic SR buckle. Other buckles available on request.
  • Hook on the inside of the belt for attaching to an inner belt. Loop available on request.

A custom order with pink PALS