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What is the future of SEO well according to searchmetrics ranking factors for 2014 click-through-rate also known as c t r has become the number one most important factor that Google is now look when deciding where to rent website do you know who this is if you guests Rand fishkin you were right Rand is the founder of Mazda calm and he conducted an experiment to demonstrate just how powerful CTR can be in this test he asked for people to search for the key word I'm at clad in Google and then click the link for his blog at the start of the experiment the site was the right number 7 3 hours in 220 Eclipse later the site was now ranking number one for that term here is the second test conducted this time for the phrase the Buzzy pain distraction at the start of this experiment the site was ranked number 10 and again after getting people to search and click on the side the rank find two number five after 2 hours and eventually the number one after is 3 hours do I have your attention now there are two user metrics that both Google and Bing have direct access to these rctr and dwell time CTR is the process of someone typing in a keyword in the search engine going through the pages and then ultimately clicking on a listing in the search results we already know that Google is tracking this metric because they report it to blessing with Master tools II metric is dwell time this measures how long it takes for someone to return to the search engine after clicking on a result we know Google is tracking 12 because they used to give you the option to block an entire website if your dwell time was really low this option is no longer available but we know that they are tracking this data so it stands to reason

that CTR + 12 time equals a killer combination CTR by itself can easily be manipulated with Boston clickbait headlines to dwell time is certainly the key ingredient to years ago I stumbled across a concept that would later call crowd search optimization I developed a piece of software that real people installed in their computers it allowed me to sell what they were searching for and for how long it wasn't long before I had an army of real people crowd searching my site and the results were amazing bounce rate was incredibly low unique users or for my target market and like he were drank shut up to number three after being stuck at 19 four months that was nearly two years ago since then we have been proved the software and run the krauts are Charming to the size of a small City all across the USA Canada and the UK and we continue to grow not only that but the software now keeps the website and see where data completely private from the crowd searchers so what if you had access to this Crown Searcher me for your you are elfs in keywords inside of a simple push button system introducing crowd surged on me Crown search is a web-based system which allows you to enter your website he works so that the crowd search army can organically search for your site

and booster Wreck-It is 100% automated and Google say and you have nothing to download you also get to use our smart ring technology which optimizes your daily searches and dwell time they send your keyword rank position the system tracks your keyword wreck every day and it just automatically to keep boosting you hiring Google you have full access to the entire crowd search Network filled with real people on their own computers for a completely natural process let's take a look at this inaction you simply enter your campaign name your url keyword and selected country-specific Google engine you prefer once the campaign is created you can select to use Smart rag or manually adjust your daily searches and dwell time trout search will automatically track and report your daily keyword data directly on your dashboard so you can watch as your ranking Skyrocket you now have an opportunity to be a part of the most advanced SEO system ever created but I can't promise this offer will be available for much longer we only have a limited number of slots available before we have to close the doors so what are you waiting for sign up below before you miss out on the future of SEO