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Our Work

We are actively pursuing and proposing projects that support and elevate the use of free resources within adult education. Check out what we do, as well as some current projects below.

Professional Development

Interested in learning how to integrate free and open resources into your instruction or student/client services? We offer professional development on using free and open tools effectively.

Content & Site Authoring

Looking to develop curriculum an online presence that aligns to your specific needs? We offer content and site development to tailor the best free and open content to your program's goals.

Learning Tool Development

Want tools that effectively align and deliver resources in a more seamless, easy-to-access manner? That's our jam! We love to help conceptualize and develop tools that expand the use of free and open resources.

Consulting Services

Trying to expand use of free and open resources but don't know where to begin? We help you build sensible and sustainable plans for effective implementation of resources with the populations you serve.

Current Projects

Illinois Digital Literacy Lab

CrowdED is working with teachers across Illinois as part of the Illinois Digital Learning Lab. Through this work we are exploring different ways to deliver digital content, and identify best practices in teaching for various digital literacy aims—how to use digital tools, application of digital skills for performing tasks, and problem solving in technology-rich environments.

TABE 11/12 Khan Academy Math

In an effort to support instructors as they transition to the new TABE 11/12 Tests, CrowdED Learning is working to develop correlations of Khan Academy content to the TABE 11/12 test blueprints. This work will be incorporated into the SkillBlox learning plan generation tool for instructors to develop personalized learning plans for students.

Coming in August!

Suggest a Project

Do you have a project you'd like to recommend that could be tackled by leveraging a community of dedicated folks working to curate and align free resources for a specific topic? Please take a moment to suggest a project you feel should be considered.

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