2018 Auditions


Come and play with other interested members and receive instruction from our staff! Without the stress of an audition environment, anybody may attend who is looking to get technical instruction from a professional, qualified team of educators.

A fee of $10 per camp will get you a full day of instruction and drum time!


Interested in being a part of the 2018 Crossroads Percussion ensemble? These are the events for you. Whether you were able to attend the EXPERIENCE Events or not, anybody is welcome to attend the AUDITION Events. During the weekends, you will receive professional, quality instruction from our team of educators.

A fee of $25 per camp will get you two days of instruction and drum time, an individual audition, and a group audition. Should you be offered membership for the 2018 season, all fees will be applied towards your membership dues.

Take the first step towards membership

Auditions for the Crossroads Percussion 2018 competitive season have concluded.

If you are interested in available opportunities, please email crossroadspercussion@gmail.com