Men Of Steel

You’re invited to participate in NE Georgia’s “Men of Steel” Competition February 17, 2018 at 10am. Come test your inner superman with challenges that would make even the “Man of Steel” sweat. Registration is $35.00, spectators get in free. The event will take place at Camp Little Light, 289 Aaron Brown Rd. Royston, GA 30662. All proceeds benefit Camp Little Light, a not for profit Christian camp ministering to families in NE Georgia. Also, for 2018 we have added a "Kid of Steel" Challenge for ages 5-8 & 9-12 starting at 9am.

Light Weight 100-180

Middle Weight 181-210

Heavy Weight 211 & Up

Classes subject to change based on participants registered.

Event Records

Tire Flip--Clayton Fulbright 38.7 seconds.

Farmers Walk--Clayton Fulbright 26.13 seconds.

Yoke Walk--Clayton Fulbright 8.39 seconds.

Log Press--Will Beacham 290lbs.

Buggy Pull-- Matt Stratton 29.56 seconds.

Deadlift-- Clayton Fulbright 41 reps.

Hercules Hold--Jamison White 72.38 seconds.

Atlas Stone--Clayton Fulbright 30.45 seconds

Sled Push -- Clayton Fulbright 8.9 seconds


Sled Push

180lbs will be pushed on a sled. Sled Push placing by time or furthest distance if event not completed. Cleats are recommended for this event and are not provided.

Dead Lift

A crane & weight will be lifted for reps. Max reps within one minute determines placing.

Log Roll & Press

Log will be lifted to the thigh and then rolled up the torso finishing with an overhead press with elbow lock out. When the judge signals the log can be dropped. The log weighs 100lbs. Each lifter will attempt the log weighing 100lbs and if lift accomplished, 20lbs (10 on each side) will be added until a max lift has been achieved. Placing by maximum lift.

Atlas Stone

The Atlas Stone is comprised of five stones weighing: 93lb, 115lb, 143lb, 190lb, & 250lb. The competitors will have one minute to complete the lifting of all stones onto a 50 inch platform. In the event that all five stones stones are not completed placing will be based on the most number of stones lifted in the least amount of time. (note that the demo video is missing the 190lb stone)

Wheel of Pain

Move wheel for a full turn (or more) within one minute. Most rotations wins.

Arm Wrestling

single elimination arm wrestling. Competitors will be drawn out of a hat for random matches for each appropriate weight class.

Buggy Pull

Buggy will be weighted down with concrete blocks. The competitor will attempt to pull the buggy by rope up a steep heel. Competitor will pull from a seated position with feet positioned against a brace. Fastest time or furthest distance completed determines placing.

Tire Flip

A tractor tire will be flipped for time, or furthest distance if event not completed.

Farmers Walk

175lbs on each side will be used for farmers walk. Farmers walk will consist of walking in a straight path then turning around and walking back to initial starting point. Placing by fastest time or if walk unable to be completed furthest distance. Max time allowed for this event is one minute. Competitors are allowed to set beams down to re-grip, but the clock will continue to run if done.

Rules & FAQ's

  1. Question: Are gloves Allowed in the Men of Steel Competition? Answer: No.
  2. Question: Are Belts Allowed in the Men of Steel Competition? Answer: Yes, belts are allowed in all events.
  3. Question: Are straps allowed in the Men of Steel Competition? Answer: No, we are not allowing the use of straps in any of our events. However, chalk is allowed as an alternate means of assistance.
  4. Question: How are the divisions structured? Answer: Weight classes are Light, Medium, and Heavy with as Master's Division for those age 45 and up. Placings are 1st - 3rd. Master's division competitors (those 45 years old and over) can place in masters division regardless of weight, as well as their weight class (light, medium, heavy).
  5. How do I ensure I get a T-shirt? Answer: After registering, please bring in your entry fee of $35.00 to the event. Make Check payable to Crosspoint Church. Be sure to have the competitors name in the memo section of the check or money order so we can ensure accuracy at registration. Register ASAP to ensure a T-shirt.
  6. Are cleats allowed in events like the Sled Push? Answer: Yes, performance footwear is allowed in this event.
  7. Can a I move to a different weight class? Answer: Yes, but participants can can only compete up a weight class not down. Example, a middle weight can compete as a heavy weight but not as a light weight.
  8. Is "Tacky" allowed on the Atlas Stone Event? Answer: Yes.


In each event 1st place=5pts, 2nd=4pts, 3rd=3pts, 4th=2pts and 5th=1pt. The highest total score on the total events minus one dropped event will determine placing.