Missions Monday

On the third Monday of each month, we provide a box of food and a warm meal at no charge to those in need. We also have a time of prayer and encouragement available to help those who are discouraged and in need of support. At one time or another all of us fall on hard times. Crosspoint's desire is to encourage people the light of Christ when times are hard, and celebrate each victory along the way. Below are a few of our goals for our "Missions Monday".

Our Vision

God called us to take care of the less fortunate and He has blessed us beyond measure with resources to do so. We are to be responsible stewards of God's vast gifts and to use them in ways that please the Lord. We will spread the love of God and the Good News of Jesus Christ by sharing our gifts to feed the spiritually hungry and by supporting each other in our effort to be disciples of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

Our Mission

To reach, teach, and disciple, as many as possible by all means possible. Jesus used food in his ministry on earth, we feel compelled to do the same.

Our Ultimate Goal

Our major goal is to feed the hungry: additionally, we believe our ultimate goal is to bring people to a place in their lives through short term food relief, salvation, and prayer to where they depend upon themselves and Jesus Christ for their short term, long term, and eternal needs.