2 Players | 15-30 min | Ages 8+

Summer is here and that means one thing for you and your crab buddies: Scuttleball! Scuttleball is just like volleyball but for crabs! You’ll need skill, luck, and guts if you want to win this tricky little dice game.

Scuttleball is a 2-player dice-placement game that fits in a mint tin. Despite its small size, short rules, and bunch of dice, it offers a surprising amount of tense tactical moments and thematic tie-ins. At the beginning of each round, or volley, both players roll nine dice concealed behind their hand. Players alternate making a play on the ball by placing a die on their side of the court that exceeds the value of the last played die. The volley continues until one player can't make a play. Here's the exciting part: every space on the court has a special action that is activated when a die is placed. Actions are things like reroll a die, boost its value, or mirror an adjacent die. You’ll have to activate the right ability at the right time if you want to keep the volley going!

Scuttleball contains three different courts to accommodate different skill levels and game preferences: backyard (casual), beach (standard), or gymnasium (expert). There is also a free downloadable file to design your own court!

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