2 Players | 30 min | Ages 8+

The moon is the next frontier of human civilization and mega-corporations rush to build colonies on the harsh lunar landscape. Joint ventures must be formed to complete the behemoth cities of the future, but the corporations, desperate to maximize profits and secure their legacy, never stop fighting for majority control.

In Lunar Chess, you and an opponent play as two such corporations. Every turn, you will add a card to the shared colony, oftentimes enlarging groups of the three development types: housing, crystal mines, and solar arrays. Every card you lay also activates the movement of your Speculator who is dispatched to make investments. At the end of the game, you will identify the largest group of each development type. The player who has made a majority of the investments in two or more of these groups is the winner.

Lunar Chess blends mechanisms from Western Chess with tile-laying and area control.