Make A Change Diaper Project

Diapers are a very important need for babies. We ask that you help support our community by sending diapers or a monetary donation. Details are located on the donation page.

Below is a link for an article written on my project! Thank you very much to everyone for your support!

There is also a link to the EBTV interview about my project

The Aldersgate Crisis Room, whose mission is to serve families in crisis through dedicated community outreach, needs our help. There is no program to have diapers on a consistent basis. Together, we will fill that need through my Girl Scout Gold Award project. is the link that you can use to sign up to have a donation box or run a diaper drive. Visit the "sign up to donate diapers" tab to get more information. The goal is to have local organizations "adopt" a month and those places can collect diapers for the local Crisis Center. Please spread the word through social media as well.

For more information, please see my interview on EBTV:

Background on the Crisis Center: Aldersgate Church relies on donations and do not always have diapers because their supplies depend on what people donate. Since diapers are expensive they are not always donated and then children may not be able to have a clean sanitary diaper for however long.

The food bank portion of the Crisis Room distributes food weekly to residents of Middlesex County who have verified their income or who have presented proof of qualification for programs such as SNAP or WIC. The program is expanded to include any NJ resident the third Sunday of each month during the Crisis Room’s state food week.

The thrift shop portion of the Crisis Room contains various donated items for sale (clothing, household items, toys) at very low costs. The funds raised in the thrift shop are used to buy additional food for the food bank.

Background on diaper need: When a child is a baby and they need diapers, their caretaker may or may not be able to afford clean diapers. Moms struggling with diaper need are more likely to miss work or school, stay home when they need to go out, or keep their babies out of daycare — which usually requires a full day's supply of disposable diapers. Without enough diapers for routine changes, moms feel distressed and find parenting even more difficult. Why does a baby have to sit in a dirty diaper? Or reuse the same one? All babies deserve a clean diaper. Sadly, diapers are expensive and not all families can purchase clean diapers for their children. Many families reuse them, which causes serious medical issues.