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Having Evidence Dismissed to Avoid a Conviction

Most people who are arrested are going to ask their lawyer if it's possible for the charges against them to be dropped. While this isn't possible in every case, it may be possible in quite a few cases, even if the arrested person believes the evidence against them will guarantee a conviction. When someone is arrested, they'll want to speak with a lawyer quickly to learn more about the evidence in their case and the likelihood of a conviction.

Why Evidence Can be Dismissed

Evidence can be dismissed if it is not collected legally, if it is not allowed in court, or for other reasons. The evidence collected by the police or by investigators needs to be collected properly, held in the precinct properly, tested properly, and legally allowed to be used in court cases for it to be used against the arrested person. Any mistake can mean the evidence can be dismissed and not allowed to be used in court. Lawyers like Wallin & Klarich are familiar with evidence procedures and know how to tell if evidence can be dismissed.

Looking for Evidence that Can be Dismissed

A criminal defense lawyer will look into all of the evidence against their client to see what can be dismissed. If a person was found with drugs in their pocket, for instance, the lawyer will look into whether the police were legally able to stop the person and search for the drugs. They'll then look into how the drugs were stored, how they were tested, and if they're still available for further testing or to be used in court. Any issues the lawyer finds may mean the evidence can be dismissed.

What Happens After Evidence is Dismissed

If evidence is dismissed, there is less proof the arrested person is guilty of the charges they're facing. Depending on the amount of evidence against them and the amount of evidence dismissed, the case may be dropped. The best criminal lawyers will look into dismissing as much evidence as possible to try to have the charges thrown out so their client will not be facing a conviction or potentially serious penalties.

If you've been arrested, make sure you speak with a lawyer quickly so they can start looking into the evidence for your case and find out if there's a way to have any of the evidence dismissed. Visit the website for Riverside Criminal Lawyers today to learn more about evidence and the impact it could have on your case.