Cardiff Running Events

Events - 2020

Longer Challenge - Series (6 events)



🥇 1st - John Morris (M35) 4:33:23

🥈 2nd - Andy Blair (M55) 4:52:34

🥉 3rd - Phil Cook (M50) 4:52:35


🥇 1st - Susan Bowes (W40) 5:58:24

🥈 2nd - Sally Groves (W55) 6:55:26

🥉 3rd - Gail Havard (W50) 7:18:02

Final Results

5 mile - 8K - 10K - 15K - 10 mile - Half Marathon - results

Overall - Overall - female - results

Race Rules

The course start/finish area must be in close proximity to each other - ideally out & back or loop (if it doesn’t complete the loop that is OK, eg 2k to 3k on the Cardiff parkrun course). Start and finish to be at the same height. Any course not adhering to this will get a 2+ minute penalty depending on race length.

The link that is loaded must be visible for checking - we do not want to have to follow all the runners on Strava or Garmin in order to access the runs, if we can’t see the evidence the performance will be removed.

You will have a 4 day window in which to complete your run and load it onto Open Track. This window will open at 00:01 on the Thursday and close at 23:59 on the Sunday. Anything outside this window cannot be added to Open Track and will not be added to our results site.