Creepy Sound Prod.

Creepy Sound Production is the brand created by Sycantrhpe Project, to produce, disseminate and share works made under this brand of the independent record label.

Creepy Sound Production (CSP) was created in Madrid (Spain) in 2013 by Vadym Sycantrhope, member and main producer of all the Sycantrhope Project products, both audio and visual.

Creepy Sound Production emerged to be part of the work of Sycantrhope Project, first projects that were part of the record label have been Sycantrhope musical project, then joined Coven (Coven Project), Sycantrhophylia and Dark Owl.

As of 2016, the label already had two more formations called Enearth and Deadly Oak. All projects based mainly on experimental music, but which is then divided into different branches that fit each project separately. Genres such as Witch House, Dark Ambient, Noise, Synthwave, Avant-garde etc

Also most of the videos for the sound works are made, recorded and edited by Creepy Sound Production.

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