Curious about building immersive experiences - and who to build them with?

We've outlined some considerations here around working with AR and VR creators - with a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion. Let’s get started.

First of all, what is the metaverse?

Think of the metaverse as the evolution of the Internet - a digital world that spans platforms, technologies, and realities that you’ll be able to access from your phone, computer, as well as virtual reality devices where you’re fully immersed in an experience.

This new wave of technology has the potential to truly democratize creativity and deepen connection - opening up opportunities for brands, creators and the communities they care about.

What are brands currently building for the metaverse?

We believe that the metaverse will be created by everyone - this includes companies as well as individuals. Because we are starting to think about this future early, we have the opportunity to help build the metaverse with diversity, equity, and inclusion from its inception.

People want to see themselves represented accurately and more often in advertising. And this is also true when it comes to branded augmented, mixed reality and virtual experiences that require deep thoughtfulness around authenticity, inclusion and safety. (This is especially important when thinking about people from communities who are Black, Latinx and Hispanic, Indigenous, LGBTQ+, Disabled, Veterans, and/or from other underrepresented groups.) In order to accomplish this, you have to start with who you’re building for and who you’re building with — before you delve into what you want to build.

Creators are culture-makers and innovators architecting the future, and by working side-by-side with creators from diverse communities, you can have a more inclusive lens to everything you create, making it more rich and compelling.

Finding Creators

The emerging creator economy and ecosystem are just that - emerging. This provides an exciting opportunity to work with up-and-comers in the AR, MR and VR space and expose yourself to new ways of working. We’ve seen that working in close partnership with an AR or VR creator leads to more meaningful results, vs the traditional vendor relationship of the past.

Where to start looking:

  • Search creators by specialties, certifications and regions via the Meta Spark Creator Network

  • Join the Meta Spark Facebook Group to explore a space where creators share their work.

  • Follow Instagram accounts dedicated to highlighting industry-leading creators on different platforms and specialties:
    @metaspark, @metahorizon, @creators.

  • Visit the Meta Business Partner Directory to find companies that specialize in interactive and immersive creative.

  • Ask around - when you see an experience you love, find out who built it and see if you can work with them or if they can recommend someone to you.

Communicate Clearly
& With Care

  • Remember, many of these creators are new to advertising and marketing or brand partnerships, so approach each project with thoughtfulness, fairness and openness above all else.

  • Allow space for negotiation, especially when timelines or scopes shift. Do not take advantage of a creator not knowing, not asking, or not speaking up.

  • While there are no standardized contracts for building experiences yet, there are consistent foundations you should include to secure creator-brand partnerships like scope of work, timing, exclusivity, usage rights/licensing, distribution channels, payment terms, termination and other standard clauses (indemnification, confidentiality, etc). Be sure to walk the creator through all of this in plain language to make sure they’re clear and comfortable with the terms of your agreement as this may all be new to them as well.

  • Go over the basics of how you’re going to collaborate - for instance, discuss how and when you will communicate, certifications or legal requirements, and time off. While these may seem obvious to tenured brand and ad execs, they may not be for creators.

Always Be Open

  • Allow the space for creators to create authentically by providing clear expectations but also being open to brainstorming together on the process, as well as the creative execution.

  • Craft a concise brief that inspires the creator to meet your brand vision. A thoughtful brief will find ways to expand creativity and freedom for creators while anchored to the brand strategy.

  • Ask for concerns and feedback often and always listen. Diverse AR and VR creators are not only knowledgeable of the space they’re building in, they’re also highly attuned to the needs of their communities and constantly want to evolve their approach to strengthen their connection with their audience.

  • Be open to trying new things or adjusting your creative vision based on technical aspects of the platforms and products you’re building with and for. For instance, Meta Spark Effects have a size limit, so you can only do so much with one effect – and sometimes you may not understand exactly what that looks like until you’re in the process of creating It.

  • Set realistic expectations with creators by discussing relevant production considerations - for example, Changes take time: Once you have started building an experience, it can be time intensive to change design and copy.

Maximize Impact

  • Plan ahead for the full campaign ecosystem, not just the experience you’re building with the creator. During the briefing stage, it’s important to think about where all the work and extensions of the work will live to maximize the impact and scale of what you’re creating. Consider how pre-launch and post launch awareness campaigns and engagements may affect scope and payment to the creator.

  • Please pay your builders and creators fairly and on time. Beyond payment, give credit where credit is due – in social media, press and award submissions. Make sure a creator’s contribution is accurately accredited and recognized as a core element of success for your brand experience.

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