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CMsl Studio rental info


22’w x 16’d x 11’ h Plus Locker and small space.

White wall black wooded floor (Masonite finish)

There is a loft over the doorway. (The bottom height is 7 feet)

Rehearsal: Theater, dance, puppet and etc.

(Loud amplified music instrument, mic Vocal or Drum type music instrument are Not allowed)

Shop: Set, prop and puppet build and store.


220 Ingraham Street

Brooklyn 11237

(Inside an art studio complex named studio 1D which is located inside of a 3 storey of building on that address)

Just 3-5 walk from Jefferson station on L train!

<Free Inventory>

1) White folding table (72” x 30”)

2) White folding chair

4) Rehearsal cube (18”w x 18”d x 12”h)

1) Small refrigerator (please do not leave your stuff after your rehearsal)

1) 6 feet adjustable ladder

There are plenty of wall outlets but CMsl is happy to provide extension cables and power stripes.

1) Speaker : Kustom PA PA50 Personal PA System (with 10 feet 1/8” cable)

1) Mirror 72" x 18”

<Business Hours>

From 9a-10p


$20 per hour.

5 hours discount : If you rent over 5 hours on same day, the hourly rate becomes $18.

(5 hours = $90 instead $100, 6 hours=$108 instead of $120, 7 hours=$126 instead of $140)

Exclusive discount : Day=$150 (was $234), week= $1050(was $1638)

<Rental Locker>

You can lock your stuff into the wooden Locker (3’w x 4’6” D x 5’8”h). $10 per night

Free for Exclusive renter.

(metal cage is planned to be set in there someday soon!)


It is possible to reserve this studio from 3 month a head.

The reservation will be confirmed when half of the total fee has been sent to CMsl as a confirmation fee (Non refundable).

Please make this confirmation one month prior the reservation schedule.

Total fee must be paid before the first day of the rental.

CMsl can accept the fee via Cash, check or

Venmo user name: Poe-CMsl email:

Quick-pay phone#: 917-293-8777

paypal Paypal.Me:

NOTE:Please ADD2.9%+$0.30 for Paypal fee

<Important note>

The bath room is OK bath room,

but I cannot guarantee you it always has paper .

We try to keep our paper in our space but

It is better for you guys to bring your own roll!!

Please respect your neighbors.

Hallway is the place you have to think about it.

Let’s try Japanese way!

Take your trash home.

There are trashcans in the hallway and many many dumpsters at the parking lots of this building. However, those are not for you.

After each rehearsal, please take your trash with you and don't leave any trash left in CMsl Studio or in the building.

Thank you!!