Take a journey to Orkney from the comfort of your home. Explore the historic places, beautiful landscapes, and some amazing sites but with a Science Twist. Brought to you in collaboration with Aberdeen Science Centre.

Get involved with activities around "Year of Coasts and Waters" Theme, visit the Renewable Energy Hubs, take a self-guided walking tour and try our some amazing activities shared by our Collaborators!

How to use this Virtual Trail

Start your journey by clicking the "START" Flag on the Orkney Map below. This will open up a page with Google Form and some resources at the bottom. Fill in your details and submit the Google Form, download the resource, close the window and come back to this page.

Each pin on the map is linked to different pages with resources for you to have a look! Click on different parts of the Orkney Map, complete the activities and try them at home! You can choose to click pins in any order and/or dip in and out over several days if you prefer.

During your journey, if you can spot some images then download this BINGO sheet and complete our challenge. Once you have visited all the places, go to the "End" (with red and white flags), learn about mindful walking and submit your feedback about this virtual trail!

Please note: This Virtual Map works well on a Laptop or Desktop, it would work well on phone as well, but the screen might look a bit different.

Creative Trail Map


1: Solar Energy at Hoy

2: Upcycling Workshop: Jewellery Making

3: Orkney Harbour

4: Food & Drink: The Daily Scoop

5: Digital Tech: Kyloe Partners

6: Orkney Renewable Energy Forum (OREF)

7: Standing Stones of Stenness

8: EMEC: Wave Energy

9: Skara Brae

10: Scottish Water: Get to know H2O

11: Virtual Dive: Shapinsay

12: Virtual Dive: Stronsay

13: Virtual Dive: Rousay, Egilsay and Wyre

14: EMEC: Tidal Energy

15: EMEC: Surf 'n' Turf Hydrogen Project

16: Virtual Dive: Westray