Creative Cardboard Ideas

After a major move, you probably have a ton of cardboard boxes just sitting around your house. Instead of letting the pile of boxes get higher and higher in your house or garage, put the boxes to good use. Avoid tossing them out in the trash. That is just wasteful and hurts the environment. Instead, put on your creativity hat. It's amazing the number of DIY projects that you could do with just a few boxes. Settle down and let the kids get involved too. Put your heads together and the sky's the limit to the number of DIY projects you could create. Let's get started with the ideas.

Laptop Stand/Holder

minutes gets tiresome because you are in a very awkward position. You are constantly straining your eyes and bending down to look at the keys. A laptop stand is easily created out of the mountain of boxes that you might have left over from your last move. Check out some of the DIY projects online for inspiration.


If you have limited space in your home, why not create a tray out of a smaller box to hold some of your personal items like jewelry, watches, and more. All that is required is a sturdy box for the project, some fabric to cover the box, along with some glue. Get creative and use your imagination to make a very unique tray.


This is a really cute project that is easily made out of the left over boxes. All it takes is just a bit of creativity and imagination to create the perfect dollhouse for your little girl's favorite dolls. Note that there are numerous patterns online for a dollhouse that is made out of boxes. Simply find one that fits your project.

Wall Organizer

Perhaps, you have seen the prices of some of those fancy organizers in the stores. Parts to design your own organizer might get very expensive. However, a smart and crafty person might easily design their own home organizer out of left over boxes.

Desk Organizer

There is nothing more frustrating than a messy desk. You are probably familiar with those plastic desk organizers that are in the office supply stores. However, it is easy to create your own desk organizers with those left over moving boxes, cereal boxes, or even a very sturdy shoe box. Any sturdy cardboard boxes are perfect. Remember, it is all about the way that you fold the box. Check online for some patterns.


This is a very easy project. Simply cut out shelf size boards out of the left over boxes. Use basic shelf brackets to hold the boards.

Picture Frames

Picture Frames are easy to construct out of the boards. Cover the picture frames with fabric or paint.

Gift Tags

People really love and enjoy a home made type of gift. Try cutting out gift size tags and stringing them with twine. Wrap around gifts with a special message.