Creating an Unboxing Experience for Your Brand

If you are planning to run an ecommerce business, you need to keep in mind that the packaging of your product is going to play a major role in giving your brand an opportunity to get promoted. For most of us, packaging is merely a process of giving the product a necessary layer of safety during the shipping process. But the matter of fact is that this new era of technology has changed perspectives of several processes. Although the main purpose of packaging is to protect the contents inside, not utilizing the unboxing process for brand promotion seems like a wasted opportunity in this era of competition.

Branded packaging experience

In simple words, the branded packaging experience is the process of selecting the packaging materials in such a way that brand message is delivered to the end customers. The main purpose of this process is to give value to the customers to that you are perceived as a quality brand. The reason ecommerce businesses need to utilize this opportunity is that there are fewer options available to the online marketers to promote their brands. The packaging experience gives them an additional option to promote their brands. As a matter of fact, this way of promotion has not remained additional anymore due to high level of competition.

Creating a custom packaging experience

There are a number of elements that you will need to take into consideration if you want to create a better custom packaging experience. Let’s talk about the ones that matter the most.

  1. Packaging is the first factor or elements to focus. First, you will have to look at your product in order to decide what packaging option you need to consider. You will need to see whether or not your product is going to require being packed in corrugated boxes. There are other options such as poly mailers and bags too that you can go for.
  2. If you want to add another layer of excitement to your product packaging, you can wrap it with tissue paper. Here, you can use custom-designed or other colorful tissue papers.
  3. Use of fillers is quite essential if you want to ensure proper cushioning of your product during the transit. Use of packing peanuts is the most used option that most of the businesses go for. You can also consider using bubble wrap. Although bubble wrap is quite an exciting kind of filler, it is not quite visually attractive. In this scenario, you can go for other options such as crinkle paper.
  4. You will need to stickers to make sure that the tissue wrap doesn’t let the product to get uncovered on its own. Ideally, the stickers can provide you with an option to leave your brand message.
  5. Nothing can be as effective in providing your business details you’re your customers as a business card. Make sure that you have placed a business card in the prominent portion of the package; and it should be visible during the unboxing process.

Remember, the main purpose of creating an unboxing experience is to make sure that your product and brand are remembered well by your customers. Creating this experience in right way can also help you get your brand and product referred to the other people who are not yet your customers.