The Bookworm Project (CU Library System)

Inspired by those who like to read books and those who spend a lot of time reading and studying, this project aims to support the efforts of Librarian Mary Lou Solis Angsinco on providing an updated library system for her community.

The Wolf Project (Nurse Pack)

Inspired by wolves and their natural ability to organize themselves into packs and survive in the wild, this project aims to address the main causes of Staff Burnout to ensure employment longevity for the Nurses and staffing stability for Hospitals by organizing and strengthening the healthcare team.

The Turtle Project (Shelter Construction)

Inspired by turtles and their hard shells, this project aims to provide durable and cost-effective housing or shelter. has partnered with JC Builders - Philippines. Click on JC Builders to see the model houses. Click on Learn More to contact us.