Create Control

Monitor, Record & Report

Location, Temperature, Humidity, Motion

Pressure, Moisture, Amperage

See them as you would like to on

Your own Web Page, your desktop or mobile device


Your Cloud or Workstation based services

connected to your distributed assets

Monitor, control, get reports and or emails from your

Equipment, Facilities, Processes, Site, Trailer, Home, Motorhome, Boat

Green House, Pump Station, Power Meter, Water Tank, Freezer

Using your own measurement devices or, rent, lease or purchase ours.

We specialize in creating your Vision; putting everything together.

Monthly cost as little as $0.15 per monitored item, $5.00 per Report, $75 for your Site

Measurement Modules leased at $8-$30/Month or purchased for $80-$300 ea.

Design and Setup initial cost from $850

Traditional Website: