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Discernment Resource Center!

Are you looking to discern with the Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi? This site will provide you with some helpful information and resources!

Check out our Discernment Process!

1. Speak to one of us

Email, Phone, Social Media...

The discernment process begins with an initial inquiry with the assistant vocations director, frequently followed by a virtual or phone interview to determine the next steps.

Jacquie Lustig, our assistant vocations director for North America

2. Come on a Weekend Retreat

Atlanta, GA

These retreats take place with our community in Atlanta, Georgia. Participants receive access to the sacraments, time for prayer and reflection, talks about vocation discernment, and opportunities to speak to the vocations director or a spiritual director.

3. Visit a Community

Atlanta, GA

The optional "Come and See" visit allows the participant to spend 4-5 days in a community of Consecrated Women. It includes time for prayer and the Sacraments, apostolic experience, and formation conferences.

4. Join our Year-Long Discernment Program

Atlanta, GA

This program lasts 6 months to 2 years. The participant lives in a community of Consecrated Women for a deeper discernment experience.

5. Get ready for the Entrance Course

Monterrey, Mexico

The Curso Previo is a 7-week international Summer course from June to August where the participant can get used to the environment of the Candidacy and determine if she is ready to begin formal discernment in August.

6. Begin the Candidacy Program

Monterrey, Mexico

Candidacy is the first two years of formal discernment (like a novitiate) before first vows.