Craig Fant is a Business Coach who is passionate about helping professionals achieve their goals. An advocate for youth sports, Fant enjoys supporting organizations that equip children with sports gear.

Craig Fant - Business Coach

Craig Fant is backed by decades of experience as an entrepreneur and executive leader. As a Business Coach, he brings that expertise to the table. By equipping his clients with the tools they need to succeed, he helps them reach their potential -- and achieve their goals. In his experience, his clients are already well-equipped with the skills necessary to succeed. But sometimes, roadblocks get lodged in the way of a road to success. That’s when Craig Fant comes in! A problem solver by nature and practice, he thoroughly enjoys the opportunity to offer his clients a unique outside perspective.

For many years, Craig Fant has proudly supported youth sports initiatives. Even more so, he is happy to contribute to efforts that connect children with the gear necessary to play sports. That’s why he proudly supports Good Sports, a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to equipping economically disadvantaged youth with sports gear. Known as the Equip-A-Kid program, Good Sports allows supporters to directly sponsor a child in need. Supporters are even given the option to select which sport they want to contribute to and what gear they’d like to donate.

Craig Fant - Youth Sports