1st International Workshop on Cyber-Physical Social Systems for Sustainability: Challenges and Opportunities

Held in conjuntion with 16th International Conference on Research Challenges in Information Science

17-20 May 2022, Barcelona, Spain

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Selected papers will be invited to submit an extended version to a special issue of the IET Software journal. For more details, please follow the link:

https://ietresearch.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/hub/journal/17518814/homepage/cfp .

Motivation and objectives

A Cyber-Physical System (CPS) is a system composed of the physical, networking and computational elements that are controlled or monitored by algorithms. CPS must include requirements for security, safety, privacy, reliability, resilience and the processing of massive amounts of information. According to NIST, "CPS will bring advances in personalized health care, emergency response, traffic flow management, and electric power generation and delivery, as well as in many other areas now just being envisioned. Therefore, the economic and social potential of such systems is huge, and large investments are being made around the world to develop these systems.

The world is confronting numerous challenges that should be dealt with in the near future, such as tackling climate change and environmental degradation, producing affordable and clean energy, eliminating poverty, and ensuring education, health and social protection to all. CPS can play a relevant role to address social, environmental, economic and governance sustainability. Regarding social sustainability, it is impera-tive to identify early development approaches for CPS systems that promote strong and fair communities, such as social and health equity, community development, human rights and social justice. These human and social characteristics and interac-tion that are brought into the CPS due to the human-centric computation shift to the Cyber-Physical Social System (CPSS), which is the target of our workshop.

The workshop aims to provide a forum for researchers and practitioners i) to discuss their current work focusing on requirements, design, frameworks, and empirical studies with regard to emerging opportunities and challenges of CPSS for sustainability, ii) to identify the main challenges and define a research agenda on the topic of CPSS for sustainability.

The workshop is held in conjunction with the 16th International Conference on Research Challenges in Information Science in Barcelona, Spain, 17-20 May 2022.

Topics (not limited)

1. CPSS requirements for sustainability;

2. CPSS (e.g. IoT, Big Data) quality requirements for sustainability;

3. CPSS requirements elicitation, specification and validation for sustainability;

4. Smart cities quality requirements for social sustainability;

5. Smart cities requirements elicitation, specification and validation for so-cial sustainability;

6. CPSS to specific domain (health, tourism, mobility...) regarding sustaina-bility;

7. Interaction design in CPSS for sustainability;

8. (Multi) user experience design and assessment in CPSS for sustainability;

9. Security and Privacy requirements for CPSS regarding sustainability;

10. Ethics in CPSS regarding sustainability.