Ciaran Meachan

I used to dabble in mathematics. My field of research was algebraic geometry, with a particular emphasis on derived categories and birational geometry. Below is a list of my research papers.

Since my name, and its pronunciation, is a source of confusion for many, here is some background information. My first name is pronounced in exactly the same way as "Kieran" - it's just my way of spelling it is closer to the celtic origin of the name; there are approximately thirty different variations of the name in English and other languages. My surname is pronounced "Meekan" and is an anglicised spelling of the Gaelic name "Miadhachain" - the origins of Clan Miadhachain can be traced back to County Clare, on the west coast of Ireland before splitting into MacMiadhachain for those who emigrated to Scotland in the 5th century and O'Miadhachain for those who remained in Ireland.

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PhD Thesis, University of Edinburgh, 2012.