School Closings

School Closings due to inclement weather

School Id Number:


Playschool’s Emergency Broadcast Number

for KYW News Radio, 1060 AM

If it is necessary to close Playschool due to snow or icy road conditions, or other weather related issues, families have the following options for accessing school closure information:

Check KYW News Radio’s website at for 1352.

Call KYW’s recorded school closing phone line at (215) 925-1060.

Sign up for the KYW School Closing Text & Telephone Alerts Network.

  • This 24-hour service will provide text messages to your cell phone, PDA and similar devices, as well as email messages to your computer or PDA. You can register online at

Listen to KYW News Radio 1060 AM for our number (1352).

Check the websites or watch the following local TV stations: ABC, CBS, NBC, & Fox. (On TV our school name will scroll on the bottom of the TV screen.)

Due to Internet challenges experienced in past years, we will NOT be sending e-mail notifications or making Internet postings on our website or on Facebook regarding school closures.

We appreciate your understanding and patience regarding last-minute closures. Forecasts are not always accurate and if we find road travel has become treacherous just before our school day begins, we may have to make a decision to close after families have already begun their drive to school. Please consider registering with KYW for text/telephone alerts (see above) so you have access to last-minute closing notifications while en route to Playschool.

If school has already opened for the day and a decision is made to close early due to road conditions or other issues, families will be notified by telephone to pick up their children.