Helper day substitutions


Please try to TRADE with another family before calling for a substitute! Please treat your Classroom Helper Day (or Shared Care responsibility) as you would any job and schedule appointments and personal plans on other days of the week, or ask another parent to trade a day with you when you know in advance you’ll be absent.

Substitutes requests are for EMERGENCIES (illness) only! If you find you need a last-minute substitute, please contact the Substitute Coordinator as described below:

Substitute Coordinator: Katie Brannan 610-733-3515

Please call (NOT text) before 9:00 PM (or NO later than 8 AM). If you do not talk to Katie directly, please continue trying to reach her in order to ensure she receives your request. If you do not receive a confirmation from Katie, your classroom is in danger of being shorthanded until you reach her. The Sub Coordinator e-mail address is however e-mail communication should NOT be used for sub requests (except in cases of advance request with a minimum of 2 days’ notice).

(Please do NOT call or e-mail the school with substitute requests.)

  • Subs are paid $20.00 per day, payments for last-minute subs must be turned in on the first day you or your child return to school
  • Payments for advance sub requests MUST be paid in ADVANCE
  • No loose cash will be accepted; payment must be in marked ENVELOPE only.
  • Payment envelopes should be placed in the black payment box on the inside of the front door or handed directly to Amy, Faith, or Karen.
  • Payments may not be turned in directly to any substitute because payments must be recorded in the office before they are distributed to the substitutes. We really appreciate your cooperation with this procedure!

$20 CASH Payment must be in an envelope marked as follows:

1. Your Name

2. Classroom in which you are scheduled to help

3. The date you were (or will be) absent