Extended Day

Extended Day PROGRAM (11:45 – 2:45 PM)

Our Extended Day program is an afternoon session offered from 11:45 to 2:45 PM Monday through Friday (including a “Lunch Bunch” option with a 1:00 PM Pick-Up, unless school is closed or on days with a scheduled Staff Meeting or League Meeting), beginning on Sept. 16. The Extended Coordinator is Miss Carrie from the Orange Room; our other Extended Staff includes a variety of other teachers on alternating days. The children in this mixed-age grouping have a chance to play with friends from other classrooms and enjoy a variety of art, science, and cooking activities. You’ll be able to work or do errands without having to be back at Playschool until 2:45 PM!

Fast Facts About the Extended Day Program:

  • Advance Sign-ups only. Same-day sign-ups must have Director approval.
  • Children must be potty trained to stay more than 1-2 days per week.
  • Sign-ups are on a First Come, First Served basis!! Waiting lists are provided; families are notified as spaces occur.
  • $20 fee per day, or discounted pay-in-advance fee $18, Lunch Bunch price $12 (1 PM Pick-Up), or $10 for advanced payment discount.
  • Consistent weekly or daily spots MUST be reserved via Registration Form (available from office) with Advance Payment.
  • Check payments preferred (checks must be marked “Extended” on memo line), cash payments MUST be in marked envelope with your name, NO exceptions.
  • One day advance cancellation notice required (unless your child is absent due to illness).
  • Fee still owed if you forgot to cancel and your child does not stay (except in cases of illness).
  • Send NUT-FREE lunch, beverage, with your child in the morning.


WHO CAN STAY? The program is Open to ALL children from our morning program, including the Yellow Room, although the Yellow Room children aren’t able to stay until they are on the 11:30 dismissal schedule. (Children must be potty trained to stay more than 1 or 2 days per week.)

WHAT TIME IS PICK-UP? Pick up time is at 2:45 PM and follows the same procedures at the bottom of the driveway as regular Pick-Up (or you may park in the back lot and walk in to pick up). Please arrive promptly as the staff members have their own children to pick up or buses to meet.

WHAT ABOUT LUNCH? Please send a healthy nut-free lunch and drink (IN THE MORNING when your child comes to school) in a lunch box or bag that is clearly labeled on the outside with your child’s name. The staff is not permitted to heat any lunch items.


The sign-up sheet posters are posted on the wall in the back hallway during the third week of each month for the following month.

  • Please remember to sign up at least one day in advance, no drop-ins. Last-minute requests must be approved by one of the Directors. Waiting lists will be available; you will be notified if your child receives a spot.
  • Please remember which days you have signed up your child for Extended!! If your plans change, please remove your child’s name at least one day in advance to avoid being charged.

Requests for ‘permanent’ weekly spots will be accepted with Advance Payment only. (A form will be provided)

You will be held responsible for the fee on any day your child’s name remains on the list, whether he/she attends or not, except in cases of illness. Please call the school by 9AM if you must cancel due to an illness or emergency.


  • We are no longer offering coupons, although the discounted price is still available with ADVANCE PAYMENT via a declining balance system described in the box below.
  • The fee is $20.00 per day, per child, due on the day your child stays for Extended, NOT AFTER (Discounted rate procedure listed below).
  • Lunch Bunch option (1:00 PM Pick-Up) fee is $12 (Discounted rate procedure listed below)
  • The DISCOUNTED PRICE of $18 (for regular Extended) or $10 (for Lunch Bunch, 1:00 pick-up) is available with Advance Payment ONLY. Paying in advance gives you a credit for the total number of days you paid for, and any credits for an absence due to illness will carry over to the next day your child stays. Unused credits also carry over into the next month, but not into the next school year. We use a declining balance record keeping system; it is YOUR responsibility to keep track of how many days you have remaining; you will be charged the FULL RATE of $20 if you wait to pay until the day your child stays, NO EXCEPTIONS).


  • ALL Extended Day payments must be made on the day your child(ren) stays or in advance (NO delayed payments). Late payments will result in cancellation of further Extended stays for your child(ren).
  • Payments must be placed in the black Payment Box on the inside of the front door or handed directly to Amy, Faith, or Katie; check payments are preferred (checks may be made payable to Charlestown Playhouse).
  • Payments MUST be in an envelope marked with your child(ren)’s name and the dates for which the payment is for – We will NOT accept loose cash which is not in a marked envelope NO EXCEPTIONS. Checks must be marked on the memo line referencing Extended.
  • PAYMENTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED IN CHILDREN’S LUNCHES. Playschool will not be held responsible for lost or misplaced cash, checks, or coupons which are sent in children’s lunches.

We all look forward to seeing many of our old friends and making new friends. We feel confident that “Extended”

will be a comfortable, happy, FUN extension of your child’s Playschool experience.