Auction FAQ

  • When is the auction? The online auction is May 1 - 7, 2017. The live auction and dinner event is Friday, May 12, 2017

  • Why an auction? Tuition covers only 60% of Playhouse annual costs! League fundraisers contribute a portion of what’s left, and auction is League’s largest fundraiser. Auction is also an extremely fun night and special celebration for our community!

  • What does Auction include? We will have an online auction May 1-7, and a live auction event on Friday, May 12.

  • What are family requirements related to Auction?
  1. Each family must volunteer at least two hours before or at the auction event. Thank you to everyone who has signed up for a role. Sign up here! (You may also buy out your hours, at $25/hour.)
  2. Each family must also donate a Family Donation (a donation of time, talent or treasure – something you made, built or baked; services like babysitting, organizing, financial planning, etc; a social event like a party, date night or wine tasting).

  • What are other opportunities related to Auction? We hope every family will:
  1. Share the link for the online auction on their social media networks, via email, etc. Anyone can participate in the online auction and it is where we raise the most funds.
  2. Buy tickets, secure childcare and then attend the live event on May 12.
  3. Ask their company for a sponsorship.
  4. Help secure donations from local businesses.

  • Where is more information and help? Classroom leads and auction committee members can answer questions. Also, watch your email, signs and hand-outs at school, and the Charlestown Playhouse Families Facebook page for up to the minute information.