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Throughout this template you will see BOLD and ITALICIZED text. This text represents filler text that YOU WILL NEED TO REMOVE AND REPLACE with your own thoughts and ideas. This text will also give you guidance as to what need to be discussed in each section.

What goes on this page? A brief UPDATED introduction to yourself and this portfolio. This is a time when you can put some of your resume items into a more descriptive paragraph. REMEMBER - this page will be the first impression of your for many people. Be sure to explain that this site will evolve as you continue through your schooling and career...READ AND EDIT CAREFULLY.

For examples of e-portfolios created by other COW students, CLICK HERE (1) (2). BE AWARE - the portfolios provided in the link represent a range of quality, from exemplar to far below average. It is important for you to see how different levels of quality come across in a online document.