Monthly Church Calendar

All Events Start Immediately After Sunday Service

(May change due to unscheduled events or weather)

First Sunday of the month:

Second Sunday of the month: 

Chuck Wagon Lunch

Third Sunday of the month:

Dinner on the Ground: - Visit Events page for more info.  Bring a dish.

Wednesday: Round Pen Bible Study

LAST Sunday of the month:

NOTE: As needed, updates posted here.

Every Thursday Night @ 6 p.m. : 

Band Rehearsal for Sunday Service

Third Saturday Trail Ride

Fifth Friday Fling: Dinner & Dance every month that has a 5th Friday

Who are we? What do we believe?

Include your church family in prayer as we continue to fight the Evil plaguing our nation in body, mind and spirit.

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It goes without saying we can best help by praying for our Pastor and Nan. God Bless our church family and watch over all who are in need of prayer. Thank you Heavenly Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit for Your Guidance. Amen

Sunday Bulletin:  May 28 

Please note our prayer list. 

Pastor's Podcast May 28

Prayer for our Nation

Heavenly Father,

Into your hands we place the future of our nation, as we devote ourselves in pursuant of a life anchored in your grace and mercy. We seek to give justice to the freedom that you have granted us. Let your scriptures guide us and help us find answers to the questions we have that will lead us to your gift of repentance. We humbly join hands and confess our sins, as we pray to you as our one true God. Let no sin surpass the protection you grant us. Amen.

Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin condemns any people. Proverbs 14:34

Round Pen: Wednesday 5:30 - 7

9:00 A. M. 

Coffee and fellowship hour

Sunday Service @10 am          

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No stained glass or fancy trimmings, yet it is a place where you can find a group of caring folks who help and encourage each other ridin' the right trail to a good life.  

Membership meeting and class schedule posted on Events page.

Sending out a big Welcome for those who are new to Cowboy Church of Mohave County.

A Little Bit of History

Church family members come and they go. Kimi Locke  and her family moved to Texas, but they remain as part of our church family. Movin' doesn't change that. Sharing this pic from back in the day, way back...before Golden Valley had a grocery store (still don't have one), there was this small - teeny - meetin' in a living room and/or outdoor church. Thanks to Kimi for sharing her pics. Hugs