Don't have personal covid docter , don't worry we got you cover, introducing CovIt.

CovIt is AI powered assistant which enables user to book vaccine apointment by using simply talking with dia(the doctor), she has all related knowlege related to covid 19


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Releasing soon on play store......

Want to try, Use this Web chatbot

Tech Stack:

Unity Engine

3d model and ui integration with oculus modules and IBM watson webhooks

IBM Watson

NLP, Bot training , integration with twillio for whatsapp api

Oculus Lipsync SDK

Lip syncing of model


Chatbot modelling, UI

Neo4j /Apoc library

We are also glad to tell that. We have used GoDaddy hosted domain "" as our custom domain

Meet out team

Akshay Sharma

Anurag Sharma

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IBM watson screenshot

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