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VDOE + VDH are collaborating to produce helpful information for school divisions in 2021-22 school year. On this page you will find items that may be useful to school division public information officers + communication staff. More items will be added as they become available, so please check back often.
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🎯 Customizable Shareables Promoting Vaccination for Children

Customizable social media templates to announce the authorization of vaccinations for children ages 5-11.

INCLUDES: (in English + Spanish)
Square templates
Wide templates

This can also be found in the
Development + Rollout toolkit.

πŸš€ Choose a preferred template, add your district name + logo, + share via email or social
*updated to reflect square template additional language*

🧰 Children + COVID-19 Vaccination Toolkit

From the Public Health Communications Collaborative + based on CDC recommendations, this toolkit addresses COVID vaccination eligibility for children age 5-11.

Topline Messages
Answers to Tough Questions
Sample Social Media Posts

This can also be found on the Vaccines page.

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🎯 Vaccine Locations for Children Ages 5-11

With parents/guardians in mind, these shareables list locations to find a COVID vaccine for children ages 5-11.

Shareables (wide + square)

This can also be found on the Vaccines page.

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🎯 Vaccination FAQ for Children Ages 5-11

With recent FDA authorization of vaccination for children ages 5-11, this fact sheet is intended for parents, caregivers, + family to address their questions + concerns.

INCLUDES: (available in 11 languages)
Fact Sheet

This can also be found in the Development + Rollout toolkit.

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Updated: 11.12.21
*updated to reflect additional languages*

🧰 Vaccination Resources for Children Ages 5+

Extensive resources for parents/guardians + pediatricians to support outreach for vaccinations for children ages 5+. As part of the We Can Do This campaign, the toolkit features content from CDC + HHS COVID-19 Public Education Campaign.

Campaign Ad
Posters + FAQs
Social Media Shareables + Sample Posts

Children's Hospitals/Pediatrician Toolkits (superhero-themed posters, stickers, selfie station designs, + more)

This can also be found on the Vaccines page.

πŸš€ Explore resources + utilize as suggested within the toolkit or share with pediatricians

🎯 Activity Sheets for Children

For ages 5-11, these printable assets provide a fun + informative activity to enjoy before or after vaccination.

Maze Activity + flyer
Word Search Activity + flyer

This can also be found on the
Children + Parents/K-12 page.

πŸš€ Share with pediatricians + vaccine sites with a recommendation to print before children's vaccinations

🎯 K-12 Healthy Back to School

To encourage a "Healthy Back to School", these posters + shareables send important containment + mitigation reminders for K-12 students such as hand washing techniques, social distancing reminders, proper mask-wearing guidance, + more.

INCLUDES: (in 7 languages)
High School overall containment (posters + shareables)
Middle school proper masking (posters + shareables)
Elementary school (posters + shareables)
Elementary school hand-washing (restroom poster)
Middle school hand-washing (restroom poster)

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*updated to reflect additional languages*

🧰 Vaccine Development + Rollout Toolkit

The Development + Rollout Toolkit houses all communication + education resources related to vaccine development + rollout.

Shareables, flyers + fact sheets.
Sample topics: Adolescent Vaccine Approval, Should I get the vaccine?, Second Dose Infographics, Effectiveness, mRNA + How Vaccines Works, etc.

πŸš€ Share or print for all vaccine related questions
Updated 8.30.

πŸ“Ί The Conversation: Kids + COVID-19 Vaccines

THE CONVERSATION / LA CONVERSACIΓ“N #BetweenUsAboutUs expands to address questions about the COVID-19 vaccines + children with FAQ videos featuring pediatricians. Watch + share via YouTube or The Conversation website.

Introduction Video
Which vaccines are available for kids?
Why vaccinate your child for COVID?
Do kids need to get the COVID vaccine?
Has COVID risk changed in kids?
And more...

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🎯 From Mitigation to Containment

Content highlighting the importance of every layer of protection against COVID - from prevention to containment measures.
INCLUDES (In 7 languages):
Customizable Handouts

This can also be found in
Containment + Mitigation.

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Updated: 8.24.21
updated to include customizable handouts (with Canva editing instructions)*

🎯 Children + Family Vaccination - ImmunizeVA

This ImmunizeVA page holds resources to support local immunization efforts. The "Tracker" material is designed for kids + families. This includes social media resources to encourage vaccination for children, and printouts that can be used as coloring sheets for children at vaccination events (There is a coloring contest through August, with this tool). The page also includes a variety of testimonials, in static and video format.

πŸš€ Review + share material with K-12 audiendes. Include coloring printout at events with children

🧰 Back to School Toolkit

Resources for school district leaders, teachers, parent leaders, + supporters to answer questions, outline school guidance, + increase vaccine confidence. As a part of the We Can Do This campaign, the toolkit features content from CDC + HHS COVID-19 Public Education Campaign.

CDC Vaccine Toolkit for Staff in School Settings + Childcare Programs
How Schools Can Support Vaccination
On-Site Clinics for School Guide
Vaccine Speaker Guide for School Administrators
5. Vaccine Letter Template - To Parents
6. Texts To Encourage Vaccination
7. Vaccine Resources for Teachers
Presentation for Educators + Parents
Flyer - "Get a COVID-19 Vaccine Today"
Social Media Graphics + Captions

πŸš€ Share with K-12 audeinces

βœ… Mitigation Strategies + Safe School Reopening

Evidence shows schools can safely open for in-person learning during the pandemic when layered mitigation measures are applied. This helpful handout outlines how to do this, with a summary of the supporting data.

πŸš€ Review + share with school districts or administration partners

πŸŽ₯ Back to School Health Videos

These Back To School videos, created by Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU, serve as encouragement for all parents to maintain + strengthen the health of their school-aged children via reminders about vaccines, the 4Ws, dental hygiene, + more.
4 Ws of COVID-19 prevention
Importance of well-checks
Vaccines help keep kids healthy
Tips for maintaining a healthy smile

πŸš€ Share with your local school district + parenting groups

🎯 Safer Sports Shareables

Shareables + fact sheets to highlights the recommendations + risks for youth recreational sports.
INCLUDES: (Available in 7 languages)
Fact sheets

πŸš€ Review + share with parents of school-age children via email or on social media
Updated 7.20.21

🍎 Student Vaccination Consent + Screening Form

Consent forms created for schools with on-site vaccination clinics during normal school hours. Parents can pre-fill for the school to have on file so a child can be vaccinated without a parent present. It is recommended that schools maintain copies. Available in English + Spanish.

πŸš€ Review + share with parents in participating schools/districts

🍎 Adolescent Vaccine Approval Shareables

The CDC has authorized the Pfizer vaccine for adolescents aged 12 -15 years. These shareables explain eligibility + benefits.
INCLUDES (in 7 languages):

Fact Sheets
3 Shareables + Suggested Captions

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Updated: 6.3.21

πŸ“„ Vaccination Myths + Facts

Busting myth with fact, the CDC shares easy to understand information covering common concerns stemming from misinformation.

πŸš€ Review + share via email or direct concerned individuals to the site

🎯 "I Got My Vaccine" Stickers

Printable stickers for vaccine providers to share with vaccine recipients to wear once they’ve gotten their vaccine.

Requires sticker paper sized
8.5”H x 11”W with stickers sized 1 2/3 inches, 24 per page)

-Orange stickers (English / Spanish)
-White Stickers (English / Spanish)
-Text Based (English / Spanish)
(PS - don't want to produce these? Search amazon for "Covid Stickers")

πŸš€ Share with vaccine clinics + providers