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VDOE + VDH are collaborating to produce helpful information for school divisions in 2021-22 school year. On this page you will find items that may be useful to school division public information officers + communication staff. More items will be added as they become available, so please check back often.
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🎯 Did You Know? - Editable School Shareables

Created for schools + parents of children in grades K-12, these customizable shareables provide info on the kids COVID-19 vaccine, with approachable "did you know" style fact sharing.

INCLUDES: (in English + Spanish)
Editable Shareables

πŸš€ Send to K-12 schools, with invitation for them to download, insert their school logo, + share via social media or newsletters

🎯 Customizable K-12 Vaccine Clinic Flyer

Editable flyer for schools to announce vaccine clinics, with editable slots to include date, time, location, registration QR code, + school/organization name or logo.

Editable Flyer

πŸš€ Share with schools to promote their vaccine clinics

🎯 Pediatricians Videos + Child Vaccine PSAs

Videos "straight from the pediatrician" along with PSAs explaining + encouraging the COVID-19 vaccinations for children.

INCLUDES: (in English + Spanish)
:15 + :30 Videos
Suggested captions

πŸš€ Share via social media or in newsletters. Please note that these must not be distributed in any format that has paid spend behind it (i.e. broadcast TV buys)

🎯 ViSSTA + TTS Shareables

For participants of VDH/VDOE's ViSSTA screening testing + Test To Stay (TTS) programs, these shareables promote the benefits of screening testing for school administrators, teachers, parents, + students. In a standard form + customizable options to address your individual school.

Shareables (square + wide; standard + customizable)
Suggested Captions

πŸš€ Download (+ if desired, customize) + share on social media or in newsletters. Please note that these are not for paid use or printing.
Updated: 4.14.22
*updated to include TTS program + images with maskless people*

πŸ“Ί The Conversation: Kids + COVID-19 Vaccines

THE CONVERSATION / LA CONVERSACIΓ“N #BetweenUsAboutUs expands to address questions about the COVID-19 vaccines + children with FAQ videos featuring pediatricians.

INCLUDES: (in English + Spanish)
5 things to know about vaccine for kids 5-11
- Why vaccinate your child for COVID?
- Do kids need to get the COVID vaccine?
- Has COVID risk changed in kids?
- And

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with Spanish language videos*

🎯 Kids Vaccination Stickers

For a little post-vaccination reward + celebration, these stickers are meant for distribution at pediatricians office + vaccination sites for children ages 5-11.

INCLUDES: (in English + Spanish)
2-inch stickers sheets
3-inch stickers sheets

πŸš€ Share with pediatrician's office or vaccination clinics. Print on 2-inch or 3-inch standard Avery round label template. LHD's may also contact the Department of Corrections to submit a print order.

🎯 Activity Sheets for Children

For ages 5-11, these printable assets provide a fun + informative activity to enjoy before or after vaccination.

Maze Activity + flyer
Word Search Activity + flyer
Poster Sized Flyers

πŸš€ Share with pediatricians + vaccine sites with a recommendation to print before children's vaccinations
Updated: 12.21.21
*updated with poster-sized printable flyers*

🎯 Customizable Shareables Promoting Vaccination for Children

Customizable social media templates to announce the authorization of vaccinations for children ages 5-11.

INCLUDES: (in English + Spanish)
Templates (square + wide)

This can also be found in the
Development + Rollout toolkit.

πŸš€ Choose a preferred template, add your district name + logo, + share via email or social
*updated to reflect square template additional language*

🧰 Children + COVID-19 Vaccination Toolkit

From the Public Health Communications Collaborative + based on CDC recommendations, this toolkit addresses COVID vaccination eligibility for children age 5-11.

Topline Messages
Answers to Tough Questions
Sample Social Media Posts

πŸš€ Review + share on social media or with pediatricians

🎯 Vaccine Locations for Children Ages 5-11

With parents/guardians in mind, these shareables list locations to find a COVID vaccine for children ages 5-11.

Shareables (wide + square)

This can also be found on the Vaccines page.

πŸš€ Share via newsletters + social media or with schools + parenting groups

🎯 Vaccination FAQ for Children Ages 5-11

With recent FDA authorization of vaccination for children ages 5-11, this fact sheet is intended for parents, caregivers, + family to address their questions + concerns.

INCLUDES: (available in 11 languages)
Fact Sheet

This can also be found in the Development + Rollout toolkit.

πŸš€ Share with parents/guardians + pediatricians via email or social
Updated: 11.12.21
*updated to reflect additional languages*

🧰 Vaccination Resources for Children Ages 5+

Extensive resources for parents/guardians + pediatricians to support outreach for vaccinations for children ages 5+. As part of the We Can Do This campaign, the toolkit features content from CDC + HHS COVID-19 Public Education Campaign.

Campaign Ad
Posters + FAQs
Social Media Shareables + Sample Posts

Children's Hospitals/Pediatrician Toolkits (superhero-themed posters, stickers, selfie station designs, + more)

πŸš€ Explore resources + utilize as suggested within the toolkit or share with pediatricians

🎯 K-12 Healthy Back to School

To encourage a "Healthy Back to School", these posters + shareables send important containment + mitigation reminders for K-12 students such as hand washing techniques, social distancing reminders, proper mask-wearing guidance, + more.

INCLUDES: (in 7 languages)
High School overall containment (posters + shareables)
Middle school proper masking (posters + shareables)
Elementary school (posters + shareables)
Elementary school hand-washing (restroom poster)
Middle school hand-washing (restroom poster)

πŸš€ Share with school districts to utilize for print, social, or newsletters
*updated to reflect additional languages*

🧰 Vaccine Development + Rollout Toolkit

The Development + Rollout Toolkit houses all communication + education resources related to vaccine development + rollout.

Shareables, flyers + fact sheets.
Sample topics: Adolescent Vaccine Approval, Should I get the vaccine?, Second Dose Infographics, Effectiveness, mRNA + How Vaccines Works, etc.

πŸš€ Share or print for all vaccine related questions
Updated 8.30.

🎯 Children + Family Vaccination - ImmunizeVA

This ImmunizeVA page holds resources to support local immunization efforts. The "Tracker" material is designed for kids + families. Includes social media resources to encourage vaccination for children, + printouts that can be used as coloring sheets for children at vaccination events. The page also includes a variety of testimonials, in static + video format.

πŸš€ Review + share material with K-12 audiences. Include coloring printout at events with children

🧰 School Communities Toolkit

Resources for school district leaders, teachers, parent leaders, + supporters to answer questions, outline school guidance, + increase vaccine confidence. A part of the We Can Do This campaign, the toolkit features content from CDC + HHS COVID-19 Public Education Campaign.

Toolkit for Staff in School Settings + Childcare Programs
How Schools Can Support Vaccination
On-Site School Clinics Guide
Vaccine Speaker Guide for School Administrators
5. Letter Template - To Parents
6. Encourage Vaccination Texts
7. Resources for Teachers
Presentation for Educators + Parents
"Get a Vaccine Today" Flyer
Social Media Graphics + Captions

πŸš€ Share with K-12 audiences

πŸŽ₯ Back to School Health Videos

These Back To School videos, created by Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU, serve as encouragement for all parents to maintain + strengthen the health of their school-aged children via reminders about vaccines, the 4Ws, dental hygiene, + more.
4 Ws of COVID-19 prevention
Importance of well-checks
Vaccines help keep kids healthy
Tips for maintaining a healthy smile

πŸš€ Share with your local school district + parenting groups

🍎 Student Vaccination Consent + Screening Form

Consent forms created for schools with on-site vaccination clinics during normal school hours. Parents can pre-fill for the school to have on file so a child can be vaccinated without a parent present. It is recommended that schools maintain copies. Available in English + Spanish.

πŸš€ Review + share with parents in participating schools/districts

🍎 Adolescent Vaccine Approval Shareables

The CDC has authorized the Pfizer vaccine for adolescents aged 12 -15 years. These shareables explain eligibility + benefits.

INCLUDES: (in 7 languages):
Fact Sheets
Shareables + Suggested Captions

πŸš€ Share items via social, emails + newsletters
Updated: 6.3.21

πŸ“„ Vaccination Myths + Facts

Busting myth with fact, the CDC shares easy to understand information covering common concerns stemming from misinformation.

πŸš€ Review + share via email or direct concerned individuals to the site