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Preamble :

" Innovation has always been humankind’s distinctive characteristic. The old idiom of Adversity being the Mother of Invention rings true clearer during these trying times. "

The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic has upended the lives of many people all across the world. We as an institution are doing our bit to spread positivity and nurture innovation during these trying times.


The National Institute of Engineering has set up the NIE Innovation Competition to nurture ideas that can help us through the challenge of the Novel Coronavirus. These feasible, low cost, high impact solutions for everyday problems will be supported and rewarded. It is imperative that we as engineers lead the way in creating real world solutions. Short term projects and ideas are invited from students of NIE and NIEIT. The ideas may be designed for the current COVID-19 and the post COVID-19 situations. Concepts that can help in enforcing and encouraging social distancing, personal hygiene, social and moral responsibility which may be adapted post the national and state lockdown should be considered.

Videography Competition

Greetings from NIE! It’s the time of Lockdown, and many might agree, boredom is at its peak. But is there a silver lining to all of it? Yes, there certainly is. A great chance to stimulate and embody creativity to its fullest. A great role in the fight against Covid-19 is spreading the right awareness. This is your chance to be a part of the fight.

The team of student volunteers

Mukul Hemraj Thaore

Leading a team of efficient, creative and energetic members is highly motivating. The purpose of an Engineer's life should always aim at the betterment of the society and this role becomes more than prominent during these trying times.

Gaggan Caverappa B.C

Head of the Editorial team at the NIE Fights COVID-19 initiative.

Joshua Kurian Jacob

As a human being it is our basic instinct to serve and accomplish what the humanity seeks from us. Utilizing my talents to serve gracefully a community in need of basic awareness has driven me to help my team to come up with thought provoking graphics.

Skandaa Hemanth

I'm the member of editorial team who helped curate all the generated content for the NIE fights COVID-19 initiative.

Nikhil J

Working with the team and putting together best efforts for editing the Kannada content and had a major role in the village survey.

Dhanyatha M

Working productively in creator's team. Providing foremost Kannada and English caption for the posters.

Chethana M

Working in collaboration with research and creator team. Mainly coordinating with the caption and translation for posters both in Kannada and English.

Kartik Rashinkar

Student Coordinator of the Videography Competition.

Vishwas D Hegde

Leading a research team of dynamic members. Collecting information from genuine sources and conveying it to people is the prime work during these challenging times.

Santhosh R Haliyur

Gearing up and fighting the enemy (pandemic) in any possible way is the need of the hour. Researching about the genuine information and filtering them is very important.

Faculty coordinators

  1. Mr. S. Shamsundar (Head of faculty coordinator) Associate Professor and Head ,CREST Department of Mechanical Engineering.

  2. Dr N. V. Raghavendra Vice Principal & Professor ,Department of Mechanical Engineering.

  3. Dr L Krishnamurthy, Head, Department Mechanical Engineering.

  4. Mr. Sunil S. R. Gaekwad Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

  5. Mr. N. Sharath Chandra Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

  6. Dr H Pradeepa Assistant Professor & Head of the Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering.

  7. Mr. Madan Kumar L Professor in Department of Civil Engineering.

  8. Mr. Jeevan H Assistant Professor in Department of Civil Engineering.

  9. Mr. M J Yogesh , Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering.

  10. Mr. Raghavendra K Assistant Professor Department of Computer Science & Engineering (NIEIT)

  11. Mr. Bhushith M K Assistant Professor Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering (NIEIT)

  12. Mr. Anand Srivatsa Associate Professor. Dept. of E&C, NIE, Mysuru.