.. ça a commencé comme ça, un mail à Adbusters, un 8 Mai .. Si on faisait une version en français .. :

What about a french version of your Site ?

French-speaking worldwide = .. one billion or more

In case of an agreement, we can kick-off within a couple of days .. word for word

NB : lot of "friends" via Blind copy

Best reg

2 ou 3 years ago, I just popped-in your Vancouver HQ

Looking forward

Georges Arthaud

Réponse de l'Editeur.. en moins d'une heure !

Yes, go for it Georges! . . . grab anything you like from our mags & websites . . . cheers, K.

NB : Will you join for the "Elysée Charivari" on the 21 st of January / 2022 ? .. See there a hint

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