Author, Motivational Speaker, and Community Leader Courage Igene is passionate about inspiring others and gaining new perspectives through sharing stories and experiences with those around him. As the Founder of All Nations Church he is also dedicated to faith and worship.

With a passion for story telling and gaining new perspectives, Courage Igene has always wanted to be a writer. Throughout his career, he has published many books and other publications sharing ideas and thought provoking concepts related to his interests in religion, faith, and society as a whole. Some of his most popular books, available today on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other book stores, include:

Reading these book by Courage Igene will provide you with a sense of wonder and curiosity about the world around you as well as a curiosity to learn more about one's own self.

Courage Igene Author

Motivational Speaking

In addition to his career as an author, Courage Igene is also an avid motivational and public speaker. Over the years, he has traveled across the United States and the world meeting new people, giving talks and presentations, and hosting live events. Traveling is a great way for him to gain new perspectives which he later incorporates in his writings. He enjoys contemplating the many similarities and differences that make up different people and different areas of the world and developing an understanding of the connection between it all.

Community Work

Throughout his travels, Courage Igene has established many meaningful connections with different communities across the globe. He has developed a great appreciation and understanding for the importance of community and shares that concept often in his books and speeches. As the Founder of All Nations Church in his local community Courage Igene has really found a home where he is passionate about volunteering and helping others in need. Being a part of his community as it grows and flourishes has been such a rewarding and unforgettable experience. When Courage Igene is off on a missionary trip or other related event, he knows he has a wonderful and loving home to return to.