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Welcome to Cosplay City


Welcome to Cosplay City! If you’re here, it means you’re interested in cosplay, but you’re not quite sure where to begin. We’ll start with what cosplay actually is. By definition, it’s the practice of dressing up as a character from a movie, book, or video game. To cosplayers, it is so much more; it is an art form, an outlet to express both creativity and love for a particular character or fandom. This immersive and ever-growing hobby started in the late 1930s in North America when Forrest J. Ackerman attended a sci-fi convention in a futuristic costume, starting a trend for years to come. At this time, it was called “costuming,” and it wasn’t until 1984 that the culture was dubbed “cosplay,” a combination of “costume” and “play,” by Japanese reporter Nobuyuki Takahashi. Since then, it has continued to evolve and diversify; it now includes multiple categories such as superheroes, cartoon characters, video game characters and more. People are drawn to this hobby for a multitude of reasons, ranging all the way from the social aspects of the cosplay events to diving deep into their own character designs.