cosmetic injectables

Quickly Reduce or Eliminate the Appearance of Wrinkles without Surgery

A number of factor can influence how soon a woman starts to get wrinkles on her face. Sun exposure, smoking and genetics are only a few things that could make a woman look older than she really is. Over time, the effects of genetics, the environment and bad habits may be accentuated when the skin starts to lose its youthful elasticity. Years ago, women who couldn't afford cosmetic surgery had to accept the lines and wrinkles on their faces. That is no longer the case.


Using cosmetic fillers, a dermatologist can plump and lift the skin. This makes the face look more youthful and could leave a woman looking years younger. It's important to recognize that this is not a permanent solution. Fillers need to be repeated in order to maintain the youthful look. Some products, such as Juvederm and Restylane, provide immediate results and last up to a year. Others, like Scultra, boost the body's own collagen and last up to two years. By working with an experienced Cosmetic Fillers and Injectables Board Certified Dermatologist, a woman who wants to look and feel younger can evaluate her options and choose the most effective fillers for her face.


As beneficial as they are, dermal fillers aren't appropriate for every part of the face that might have wrinkles. When lines are apparent on the forehead and around the eyes, neuromodulators like Botox are the ideal choice. The cosmetic injectables like Botox are safe and very effective at relaxing the muscles to eliminate the wrinkles. Although this treatment does need to be repeated to maintain the effects, some people notice their wrinkles start to fade with continued use. Younger women may use Botox to slow down the natural aging process. By using neuromodulators before wrinkles even appear, women who are genetically predisposed to them might be able to avoid them altogether.

Women who aren't happy with their appearance have options. No one should feel like they are required to accept the signs of aging if they don't want to. There are many nonsurgical options available to women today that were not possible just one generation ago. Mothers and grandmothers can continue to look young as long as they choose. While there may not be a real Fountain of Youth, cosmetic dermatology lets women who aren't ready to accept wrinkles on their faces to put off the signs of aging for much longer than their mothers and grandmothers did.